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Join us for three intense days where you will learn more about your voiceover business than you can imagine!

Define Your Niche

You'll not only define your primary niche, but you will also design marketing materials and strategies for telephone, Internet, email, social media and other forms of marketing.

Design Your Brand

You'll work on developing or honing your visual "look and feel" to establish your brand in the voiceover marketplace, including your website and print materials.

Position Your Business

You'll create your mission statement, your positioning statement, your USP, your "slogan" and more... plus you'll learn how to use these tools to build name recognition for your VO work.

How serious are you about your voiceover career?

To be successful in voiceover, you need both performing and business skills. The VoiceActing Academy Mastering the Business of Voiceover workshop focuses on the business of voiceover and is designed to get you thinking about your voiceover work in a completely new way. Whether you are just getting started, or you are an experienced pro, you will work, and work HARD to develop your voiceover business skills!

We’re VERY serious about helping you to be more successful!

We are completely confident that what you will learn in the VoiceActing Academy Masters Class will completely change the way you run your voiceover business - for the better! We are so serious about helping you to succeed that we’re going to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this event by offering you something that no other voiceover workshop has ever offered...

Keep reading to find out why you should be in the
VoiceActing Academy Masters Class

I wish I’d taken this course 3 years ago! It gave me so much more clarity in what I offer, how I can help my clients, and who I should target. I so loved the opportunity to brainstorm everyone’s mission statements, business names and tag lines!
     Marion McFall, Edmonton, AL Canada

This was an unbelievable value! There was a tremendous amount of information to absorb, but Jim and Penny made it very easy. Both were outstanding instructors and worked well together. The program was very flexible and ALL questions were answered and were done so without scrimping on time or rushing us. I would recommend VoiceActing Academy without reservation!!!
    Rick Wagoner, Fremont, CA

I used to play with the nuts & bolts. Now I know how to put them together and build something! Thank you so much for a class like this and for the way you present the material.
     Chad Quidor, Temecula, CA

The VoiceActing Academy Masters Class
is a comprehensive 3-Day VO workshop
taught by James Alburger. . .
and it's not for the faint of heart!

If you are serious about your voiceover career, this 3-Day Masters Class is designed for you! In order to provide the best, most productive experience for each participant, we limit attendance to a maximum of 20 participants.

Imagine how your voiceover skills and business knowledge will improve with 3 days of immersion coaching and business development.

When we say “immersion,”
we mean it!!!

This 3-Day Masters Class is designed to take your voiceover business skills to the next level... whatever that may be for you. There is less lecture and more hands-on, focused, work with you and James. You’ll get the workout of your life as you participate in mastermind and brainstorming sessions designed to develop or improve critical business skills. Everything about these three intensive days is designed to take your voiceover work to at least the next level... if not higher!

Beginners will be pushed to develop their VO business skills more rapidly and professionals will gain new insights and discover new opportunities to polish their business, and marketing skills.

This was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had as a voice actor! I work in Spanish, but all the concepts can be applied to improve your work no matter in which language you perform.
Samuel Albis, Los  Angeles, CA - Spanish language voice talent

Watching you both work with each different person and give direction and coaching was my favorite part! There are so many things I’ll eventually do and this covered LOTS of it. Penny and James are fantastic instructors. I enjoyed their natural style and their flow complimented each other’s information. Very easy to listen to and learn from! This was a real bargain! I don’t know how you keep it this affordable - but I’m glad you do!
Sonnie Brown  -  Professional voice actor, San Luis Obispo, CA

This event is all about your business!

You’ll be working on your business for THREE VERY FULL DAYS! You’ll discover things about what you need to do to make your voiceover business successful that you won’t get anywhere else!

Here’s just some of what you'll get in this jam-packed 3-Day Voiceover Masters Class:

  • How to apply the 7 Core Elements to your voiceover business (not just performing)
  • How to apply the IEEO concept to your marketing
  • Learn new ways to approach your business and understand your clients
  • Design your voiceover career business plan
  • “Mastermind Sessions” for taking your marketing materials to the next level
  • Develop processes that will make your VO business run like clockwork
  • Determine your niche - and learn how to market to that niche
  • How to build your unique brand as a voice actor
  • How to make sure your web site is friendly, effective and highly visible
  • How to write email, blogs and articles that get attention
  • How to negotiate your fees and get the $$$ you're worth
  • How to "Tune-up" your home or portable studio (bring your laptop and mic and we'll show you how)
  • Dealing with your recording environment - fixing acoustic problems
  • "Down and dirty," honest demo & marketing evaluations
  • And LOTS more!

We want you to succeed!

Believe it or not... there are actually some VO coaches who really don’t want you to succeed. Some of them are just out for your money and others will actually sabotage you or kill your dream by being “brutally honest.” What that often really means is that they will only give you one, very narrow, perspective on what it takes to succeed in voiceover - often from only the point of view of the market they work in, which may have no relevance to what you want to do. They may not take the time to allow you to discover your niche or explore your abilities, and they’ll often base their judgment of your “talent” solely on what they hear from your performance of a single script. Or worse... they'll give you enough encouraging coaching during a workshop to keep you interested, and at the end, they'll upsell you to a demo production session long before you are ready to take that step.

At the VoiceActing Academy 3-Day Masters Class you’ll focus on finding your niche. You’ll work with your peers to hone your business skills. And you’ll get highly personalized coaching and direction from  James Alburger.

You'll leave exhausted - but you'll also leave with dozens of new skills to make your VO career SOAR! Our goal is that, by the end of these three days, you will have a laser-sharp focus on what you need to do to build your voiceover business and create lasting relationships with your clients. You will know where you fit in the world of voiceover.

Personalized follow-up coaching

With most voiceover workshops, once you leave... you’re on your own! Not so with the VoiceActing Academy 3-Day Masters Class!

A little over a week after the VoiceActing Academy 3-Day Intensive, you’ll participate in a special follow-up video conference to get your questions answered and help you stay on track to develop your voiceover performing and business skills. Plus, you can schedule a private 60-minute consultation with James any time during the 90 days following this event.

The focus is on the busniess of voiceover...
...but everything you learn
will also apply to your performance.

This experience has been both grueling and exhilarating. The characters I didn’t even know were inside were brought out by the strong and positive coaching of James and Penny. I was given permission to act totally foolish, taking the chance  of completely falling on my face, and having it be OK. In fact - it was the best performance ever! I would recommend The Art of Voice Acting 3-day Intensive workshop to anyone interested in voiceover. If you want to communicate better, be a stronger actor, or be introduced to all those interesting characters inside you, this workshop is definitely the way to go, and worth every “Penny” and every minute invested.
   Daniel Wallace  -  Grants Pass, OR

You guys are awesome! I enjoyed the time spent on conducting the business of VO. I learned (again) about approaching copy and making choices. This was definitely worth the time! and money! You two run a tight show - not much time wasted!
Debra Cole  -  Professional voice actor, Pflugerville, TX

This was awesome! Just a great emphasis on acting, character development, etc. I feel this intensive workshop took me well beyond being a “reader” and into the realm of being a true voice actor!
    Jason Clark  -  Henderson, NV

You’ve been there... and you’ve done that!

By the time you’re ready to take our VoiceActing Academy Masters class, you will have already attended several other voiceover events and possibly even one or more of our VOICE conferences. Most voiceover workshops focus on performing skills with a smattering of the business thrown in for good measure.

As much fun as those workshops might be, they’ll only get you so far! Granted, there are many excellent one-day and two-day voiceover workshops to chose from - and their prices run the gamut from very cheap to VERY expensive. By the time you add travel expenses, hotel  accommodations, food, and Internet access to the workshop tuition, you can be spending several thousand dollars. And  that’s just for one or two days of a workshop that might be mostly lecture!

The VoiceActing Academy Masters Class
is different!

This is 3 days of immersion coaching that focuses on developing your business skills. We expect that you already know the basics of performing, so we hardly even go there! Instead, we'll focus on coaching you to become the best you can be as a voice talent and voiceover business person.

But don’t get us wrong! Your performing skills are critical to your voiceover success. After all, you’re a voice actor because you love to perform! So there are a few things we’ll cover on the performing side of your business - but we simply won’t be able to spend a lot of time on performance:

  •  If you’re working in a specific area of voiceover, or preparing for your demo, bring some copy and discover new ways to bring those words to life. 
  • If you’re having problems with your recording technique or equipment, come with your questions and be prepared to get the answers you need.
  • If you’ve got a demo... bring it for a comprehensive critique and renovation.
  • If you’re facing challenges dealing with clients, submitting auditions, or setting your fees, you’ll get tons of new ideas and techniques you can put to use right away.
  • And... time permitting... there may be some opportunities for on-mic coaching.

I got MORE than my money’s worth from this workshop! The course is precisely the “jump-start” needed for me to begin a new career after my retirement from the Navy. It also gave me what I needed to shed the stern attitude that came from many years working as a Navy SEAL and in the military intelligence community. On a scale of 1 to 10 - I give this workshop a 15!
     Dave Sigmon  -  Atlanta, GA

This visit to San Diego has been a most enjoyable experience. You were right! My head hurts from knowledge stuffing! So many aspects of this industry have been thrust upon us; the exposure has been a tremendous enlightenment. What a shot in the arm! The networking is also very valuable, and the camaraderie is a welcome side effect.
     Jay Elzweig  -  Northport, NY

What an amazing and inspiring 3 days! While the days were long, there was never a dull moment. The spirit and camaraderie of the group was the most valuable. Next was the coaching and direction from James and Penny. They were very supportive and encouraging. I have taken a number of VO classes and this one was by far the best!
     Rich Owen  -  Voice Actor, Bakersfield, CA

The VoiceActing Academy(TM) Masters Class
is presented by James R. Alburger

The guy who wrote the book on voice acting!

Learn From
One of America's Top Coaches!

James Alburger has become well known for the 7 Core Elements of Performing and his book, "The Art of Voice Acting," is considered by many to be the “bible” of the industry. His encouraging and supportive coaching style has gained him recognition as one of the top voiceover coaches in America! 

You may know James best as one of the co-producers of the VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE) - a convention and networking event exclusively for voiceover professionals around the world.

Imagine a skill-building, intensive weekend where you'll learn the techniques and secrets of voiceover performance that are used by highly paid professional voice actors! In just three days, you'll learn dozens of performing techniques and "tricks-of-the-trade" you won't find anywhere else! Most acting schools and the vast majority of voiceover workshops don't cover the kind of performing skills and business development that you'll learn in the VoiceActing Academy 3-Day Masters Class.


You get 3 days of intensive business coaching.

  • Thursday evening networking session
  • Friday - 10am to 10pm - lunch included - dinner as a group, dutch
  • Saturday - 10am to 10pm - lunch included - dinner as a group, dutch
  • Sunday - 10am to 5pm - lunch included

(Yes! we really do work until about 10pm on Friday & Saturday!)

If you’ve attended other voiceover or training workshops, you know that some other coaches will charge more than a thousand dollars for just one day - and most of those workshops don’t get into the nuts and bolts of the voiceover business!

Well... we’re not them!

I am so blessed to have taken this course. James, Penny, and their staff were all warm and welcoming. I especially  appreciated Jim and Penny’s willingness to share knowledge and information. I also thought that the skill with which Jim and Penny provide feedback and direction does much to promote the growth of participants’ ability to learn, grow, and be nurtured. Thanks for helping me to more fully understand and appreciate the art and business of voice acting. You all  have made a friend for life!
     Darrell Simmons  -  Stafford, TX

The levels of learning are indescribable at this point because there is so much, so many layers to be absorbed at the conscious and unconscious levels. The experience of being with other voice actors was fantastic, knowing others to keep in contact with and meeting James and Penny in person gave me a sense of validation: I’m not crazy for pursuing this, of course with hard work. The hands-on experience is invaluable. I had a good amount of book knowledge - read all the VO books, get all the newsletters - but how to apply it all - to see the application of the information was like a light bulb turning on and made me hungry for more! Penny and James connect the dots.
     Ann Coyne  -  Scottsdale, AZ


Reserve your seat at the
VoiceActing Academy 3-day Masters Class
and we’ll give you something no other
VO workshop has ever done!
(and most VO coaches would never dream of doing!)

Not only will you get a group followup call and a personal 30-minute call with James and Penny, but we are so confident that this event will change the way you do business, we’re going to take things one huge step further:

We want you to be completely satisfied with this Masters Class!

So... we’re putting it on the line!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we do things a bit different from other coaches. We truly want to help you live your passion and realize your dreams. For our Masters Class, we’re putting ourselves and our training on the line. We know that what you learn during these three days can literally change your business! And we also know that you’ll be devoting three days of your life to learn what we have to offer.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Three very full and busy days of intensive coaching and business skills training.
  • You'll leave with a completely new perspective on your voiceover work.
  • You'll leave with a plan to help keep you on track and moving forward.
  • Coffee and water service throughout each day
  • All Workshop materials
  • Free Internet access (if you have a laptop, we suggest you bring it)
  • A follow-up group video conference call session with James Alburger. (at least one hour, valued at $300)
  • A personalized, private 30-minute consultation with James Alburger (you’ll schedule this after the event). (valued at $150)
  • Special event attendee pricing for the current edition of “The Art of Voice Acting” and other selected products.
  • Bonus #1: A copy of James Alburger's "VoiceActor's Guide to Professional Home Recording" Ebook. (valued at $39.95)
  • Bonus #2: A copy of James Alburger's "How to Get Jobs for the Voices in Your Head" Ebook. (valued at $20.00)
  • Bonus #3: A copy of Penny Abshires "Demo and Marketing Magic for Voice Actors" Ebook. (valued at $19.95)
  • Bonus #4: A complete set of "Everything VOICE," including downloadable recordings of all sessions from every VOICE convention, workbooks, program guides, show bags and more (availability of certain items may be limited). If you attended all five VOICE conventions, your tuition alone would be more than $2,000. Add hotel, meals and travel and the value of "Everything VOICE" is easily more than $10,000! 

That's more than $10,000 in bonuses...
far more than the cost of this event!

So, here’s the deal...

If, during the 30 days following this event, you are not completely convinced that your experience with us has had a profound impact on the way you approach your voiceover business, we’ll refund your tuition - no questions asked - and you can keep the bonuses!

What have you got to lose? Except for more voiceover work, happy clients, and a more effective voiceover business.

And if that's not enough...

When you stay at our event hotel, we'll cover your hotel stay.**

So, that leaves only one question to ask...

Which Payment Option Works for You?

  • 3 payments of $633 (total $1899) - only available when booking more than 60 days from event start. One payment today and two additional PayPal payments of $633 will be charged to your PayPal account or credit card in 30 and 60 days. A non-refundable deposit of $200 applies if you cancel prior to event start.
  • Two payments of $900 (total $1800) - only available when booking more than 30 days from event start. One payment today and one additional payment of $850 will be automatically charged to your PayPal account or credit card. A non-refundable deposit of $200 applies if you cancel prior to event start.
  • One payment of $1697 -  a single PayPal payment of $1697 today guarantees your seat. A non-refundable depost of $200 applies if you cancel prior to event start.

Register now by clicking one of the buttons below!
 A maximum of 20 voice actors can be accepted.

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Late Payment
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Consider how much your voiceover career is really worth to you, then guarantee your seat in the VoiceActing Academy Masters Class with your full payment of $1697.

Please note:

Registering will automatically add this event to your VoiceActing Academy account or set up your account if it does not already exist. After registering, check your e-mail for a confirmation that the Masters Class has been added to your account, then log in to update your profile, change your password, and download your Registration Package and other materials. Details regarding accommodations will be in your Registration Package.

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Event Requirements, terms and conditions:

  • A minimum of 6 participants is required for this class to be confirmed. Class size is limited to a maximum of 20. If the minimum number of attendees is not met, this event may be canceled or rescheduled at the discretion of the producers. If canceled, registered attendees will have the option to receive a refund or have their tuition applied to a future or rescheduled event of the same type. In the event of this workshop being canceled or if registrant does not attend, VoiceActing, LLC shall not be responsible for reimbursement of hotel or travel costs. Obtaining reimbursement of hotel and/or travel costs is the responsibility of the attendee and may be dependent on the policies of the third party vendor.
  • Tuition for this event is a guarantee of your seat and is therefore not refundable except as stated elsewhere in these terms and conditions. If you have any doubt regarding your ability to attend all three days of this event, please do not register.
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  • This event is a training event for the purpose of providing our students with proven information and techniques that are intended to improve the way they handle their voiceover business, marketing, and promotional activities. There are no guarantees expressed or implied that the tools and information acquired during this event will have an immediate or long-term impact on an individual’s business operation.
  • VoiceActing Academy Conductor's Club members must call for instructions on how to register to receive their 20% discount.
  • Bonuses included with this event will be delivered as physical products or as electronic file downloads at or before the conclusion of this event.
  • *This event includes a guarantee of a full refund of your tuition if you are not completely satisfied that what you learn will have a dramatic impact on your voiceover business. To qualify for a tuition refund, you must attend all three days of this event and notify VoiceActing Academy in writing with delivery by postal mail to VoiceActing Academy, 13639 Freeport Rd., San Diego, CA 92129. Email requests for refunds will not be accepted or processed. This offer of a tuition refund is only valid for the 30-day time period immediately following the close of the event. Any refund request must be received within 30 days following the close of the event. Refunds will be made by an on-line PayPal refund, or by check approximately 15 days or less after receipt of the refund request.
  • **The offer to cover your hotel stay is only valid for attendees living outside of San Diego County and who are traveling to San Diego for this event. This offer is limited to a maximum of three (3) nights at our group rate. Upgrades and in-room purchases are not included. Ground transportation to/from the airport is not included. Attendee will be responsible for booking room under their name and with their credit card to hold the reservation. VoiceActing Academy will apply three nights of accommodations, including taxes, to our Master Account, so your basic check-out fee will be $0.00.

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